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Find all Important Information about a Partnership with Health Tours Europe

10% Commission Paid on all Bookings (see exception*)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We pay promptly a commission of 10% on every booking you make with us. We are very flexible in regard to your booking needs and will work on an individual basis with your requests. Recommended is to book the "Limousine Airport Transfer" service to ensure an easy transition into healing and wellness mode. 

*No commission paid on "10 days King's Way", Villa Stephanie due to German regulations.

At the start of our Partnership is the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please email your company detail information to


Or call 844-789-6464.

Clear Vision

Health Tours Europe is the only US Tour Operator focusing on Wellness Travel. We specialize in Body Detox, Weight Loss, and Medical Wellness due to the healing power of mineral water springs found only there. Long-lasting effects with proven balneology application to increase the body's strength and resistance.

We have developed together with our handpicked Five Star Wellness-and Spa Hotels individual all-inclusive Programs that cater to the needs of an affluent guest. 

Please find out HERE more about our additional Amenities, Services, and Upgrades.

In times of mass travel overflowing the monuments of European Culture, consider now a different kind of leisure travel adventure: Destination Well-Being. 

Combining Sightseeing with the discovery of the unique European Spa Culture will enhance any travel experiences. We offer our programs at the top locations of aristocratic Spa Culture: Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), CZ - Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), CZ - Baden-Baden, Germany.

More Spa Jewels are following!