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Wellness- and Spa Hotels


We have chosen our Partner Hotels with care and thought.

These Grand Houses are known for the beauty of their spa & wellness areas. Together with our partners, we have created a festival of wellness choices.  Effective detox and wellness programs through the use of mineral water applications are done in a beautiful uplifting environment. Our Wellness- and Spa Hotels are the Best one will find in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, and Baden-Baden. Focused on the guest's healing process, we have made sure that the utmost service is achieved.

Villa Stephanie, Baden-Baden, Germany

Villa Stephanie is part of the Brenner Spa-and Wellness Hotel in Baden-Baden. It was born out of the idea to develop high-end executive programs that cater to a high-end clientele. Famous for the 10-day program "The Kings Way", developed by the head physician Dr. König, the clinic specializes in Detox, Weight Loss and Rejuvenation. German medical precision, a truly beautiful environment, and upscale service await any guest who has the means and needs to enjoy the best in German Medical Wellness Culture.

Nove Lazne, Marianske Lazne, CZ

The Building of the Wellness Resort Nove Lazne ('New Bath') was the original Bath House for the Aristocracy and Elite coming to Marienbad at the end of the 19th century. It features the Royal Bath Chamber for King Edward VII that will be used for one mineral bath procedure by your guests! Amazing price value relationship makes this traditional and truly medical wellness-focused Sanatorium to one of the best choices. 

Savoy Westend, Karlovy Vary, CZ

A beautiful ensemble of adjacent villas transforms this unique Wellness complex into a Resort experience. Our Special Diabetes Program is administered there, developed and executed by one of the leading Czech physicians in Diabetes. This charming and medical effective Health Resort is ready to amaze your guests.

Carlsbad Plaza, Karlovy Vary, CZ

The Carlsbad Plaza is the Wellness Center that has the largest treatment facilities among all Hotels. It offers, therefore "Private Wellness Suites", where part of the procedures are administered. Very Private! It features as well a large, comfortable Salt Cave. A truly dedicated House for the well-being and perfectly staffed for ultimate effective treatments. 

Olympic Palace, Karlovy Vary, CZ

A boutique-style elegance that needs a certain clientele to enjoy. Modern Classic elements with exclusive feel are suitable for the affluent traveler enjoying her/his treatment with a certain flair. The facilities are intimate and cleverly designed. Small, but beautiful!