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Why Us


Health Tours Europe offers carefree, all-inclusive, individual Health Tours to the Grand Spas of Europe.

Our Real Wellness Programs are unique through the healing mineral springs only found in our spa-towns. Guests who come for Detoxification and Weight loss will experience beneficial effects that allow them to shed toxins and feel less irritation and discomfort. The soothing mineral water procedures are the 'classic' European Spa Therapy that is well known and proven effective over centuries. Only in Marienbad and Carlsbad is the pain and inflammation-reducing dry carbon therapy applied. Mineral water infused mud & peat substances are intense in their healing power to get rid of muscle and joint pain.

Traveling to Europe has a new destination: Wellness through healing mineral springs. 

Our Services

  • 24/7 Guest Relation Team available for inquiries (CA & Germany)

  • Welcome Call to Guests upon arrival

  • All prices in US$ - no international transaction fees

  • No credit card fees

  • Limousine Airport transfer service to and from Hotel

  • Priority Check-in with a personal tour through the hotel facilities

  • Prearranged Details confirmed with Hotels prior to arrival

  • Preferred Rooms & Suites in the selected category

  • Single Occupancy not restricted

  • Complimentary massage at arrival evening

  • Fresh Flower bouquet weekly

  • Water and Fruits daily replenished

  • Porcelain drinking cup as a gift 

My name is Klaus Labuttis and I am the co-founder of Health Tours Europe. Our unique European

Medical Wellness concept opens up a new, exciting travel market segment.

We are striving for impeccable customer service and are proud of the excellence in our business culture.

Real success only comes through a mutually benefiting partnership.

Klaus Labuttis

"Our concept will change the way Americans think about Rehabilitation, Pain Management, and Disease Prevention."

Tatiana Labuttis, Co-Founder